Types of Models

Required Model Qualifications

Depending on what type of modeling you want to do, the qualifications will vary. In any case though, you ought to be attractive, whether in a traditional typical way or in a different unusual way. There are skills that will help you in a modeling career and there are schools that can teach some of this.

Modeling schools / Modeling courses
Modeling schools are very different from modeling agencies. Agencies will develop your modeling skills if they feel they can find you work and therefore make them money. Modeling schools on the other hand focus on teaching people specific modeling skills such as how to create a portfolios, posing, runway walking, hair styling, make up, working in front of a camera, and how the business works. Although these are good skills to have if you want a career in modeling, the courses alone will not guarantee you a job.

Desired skills

  1. Love the Show – You should enjoy the spotlight, enjoy the excitement that goes with the job and if you like this then you will be better at your job.
  2. Hard Working - Modeling can take a lot of hard work and stamina. Sometimes a photo shoot can run as long as 16 hours and happen at any time of the day and while doing this work, you have to keep in shape and look well put together.
  3. Expressive - You need to be able to project your personality, your charisma, your charm, and express the required look for the job you are doing.
  4. Intelligent - There is a lot to learn about modeling because often it requires being an independent businessperson.
  5. Outgoing - You will be constantly meeting new people and walking into new situations so you need to like new experiences, challenges, and meeting new people.
  6. Ambition and determination – To be successful in any career requires ambition but modeling can be even more difficult if you want to make it big.
  7. Control - You need to be able to control your health (size and fitness), your body for posing and your emotions for acting them out.

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